Also during Monday’s meeting, council unanimously voted to initiate what may be a long and expensive legal action to have house at 402 Broad St. repaired or condemned so it can be torn down.

 “The building has become more than just an eyesore,” said Pepe. “Slate is falling off the roof, water is running inside the building, part of the front porch is falling apart. It is turning into a legitimate safety hazard for the community. We’ve been sitting on the sidelines probably way too long. We need to start moving forward.”

 Pepe, who later said he did not have the names of the owners of the property at the corner of 4th and Broad streets, told council they are not going to fix it up. “We’ve been in court with these people. We have a file three or four inches thick on this property. They’ve been fined over and over again.”