A municipality in Northampton County was given a page of history -- literally -- on Wednesday night.

"I picked this up 35 years ago, when it was 100 years old," said Williams Twp. engineer Timothy J. Edinger as he unwrapped a framed map of the township published in 1874 and presented it to the board of supervisors.

The historical print shows Williams Township's roads and homes as they were in the 1850s, and includes the names of the home owners, which should delight families who've lived in Williams for a long time, Edinger said.

Supervisors George Washburn and Vincent Foglia thanked Edinger for his thoughtfulness and a crowd of about 30 residents at the supervisors meeting gave him a round of applause.

After the meeting, Edinger said the map was part of a Pomeroy atlas he bought for $75 from the owner of an antiques shop in Bethlehem who was going out of business.

The atlas "had maps of all the municipalities in Northampton County, and being a surveyor at the time, I thought it was interesting,"
Edinger said.

As the atlas' binding began to deteriorate over the years, Edinger said he removed the maps, and that's when he came up with the idea of making the print a gift to the township.