It's a waiting game for several Allentown homeowners displaced by a massive sinkhole.

Nearly five days after the crater forced the evacuation.. some still don't know when they will be able to return home.

It doesn't look good for two of the seven homes now in question.
People who live there are hoping for the best, but fearing the worst.

Geryl Hodge and her two kids have been living out of a suitcase at a local hotel ever since a massive sinkhole opened up in her N. 10th Street,  Allentown neighborhood Thursday.

Hodge lives next to two of the homes that received the worst of the sinkhole damage.

She and her neighbors are worried about losing their homes.

"It's not an event that is covered by our policies," said Hodge.

Hodge says she's talking to community agencies about getting help until the city makes a determination about the safety of her home.

Engineers are expected to tour the seven damaged homes Tuesday morning and decide which ones will be torn down.

"What is the prospect for even returning. If we are to return that's a scary thought too. Because we have sustained structural damage to our property," said Hodge.

J.R. Rosado lives next to Hodge. Since he and his family were evacuated, they have been sleeping on his parents' living room floor.
"The kids can't sleep wondering okay is this place going to sink?" said Rosado.

Rosado says he's looking for a new home, but is faced with the painful decision to give away the family pets. He says when his family was evacuated they only had enough time to grab clothes.

"We are still hoping to go in and get basic things. If they are going to condemn the home at least I want my pictures," said Rosado.

City officials are expected to inspect the homes first thing in the morning and talk to residents about what needs to be done next.