Garber said the planning commission did not have the benefit of that information when it voted against the rezoning in September 2012, “but now you have that information.”

She generated loud grumbling when she maintained many residents from all over the township support the rezoning.

The proposed zoning amendments

The night’s discussion began with Atty. Lincoln Treadwell, the planning commission’s solicitor, reviewing the history of the proposed zoning amendments and a point-by-point explanation of their contents.

Treadwell stressed the commission’s recommendation should be based only on planning and zoning principles.

If approved by the township council, most of the area will be rezoned Light Industrial.

Now most of it is zoned Rural Agricultural and Light Manufacturing, which does not allow landfills.

Treadwell explained rezoning that area of the township will allow landfills as a conditional use rather than as a special exception.

He said a conditional use is reviewed and approved by the township planning commission and township council, but a special exception must be approved by the township’s zoning hearing board.