Flu patients treated in Lehigh Valley Hospital's "mobile ER"

Posted: 7:00 PM EST Jan 07, 2013   Updated: 6:25 AM EST Jan 09, 2013

Due to a huge influx of the flu Lehigh Valley Hospital has turned to tents in treating the virus. The tents right next to the ER are being used to offer relief to an overflowing ER.

"Came to work today and felt progressively worse," said nurse Cheryl Palm.

Palm, a Lehigh Valley Health Network nurse for the past six years, was just treated for having the flu inside the hospital's auxillary tent.

This in midst of the worst flu season Palms says she's seen at the hospital.

"We are loaded with a lot of patients that are testing positive for the flu," Palm said.

Inside the controlled environment tent Palm was screened, treated and then released.

It's part of the hospital's plan to ease the overflowing ER.

"This is really a clinic-style treatment department where you come in and are evaluated, may be given over the counter medications, prescriptions and then released," Mike Wargo of LVHN said.

Only those with mild symptoms will be treated in tents. The elderly, children or severely ill patients will still be seen inside the hospital.

"This is the worst, the worst. Some of our other patients are testing positive who did get the flu shot," Palm added.

The tent will be open from 11am to 11pm.