Gas prices continue to soar higher and higher.

There has been an increase at the pump for 34 straight days. That's the second longest streak of increases since March of 2011.

Now some are wondering why are gas prices going up and when will it stop.

The average in the Lehigh Valley is $3.75.

A spokesperson at AAA says the high prices could be a simple case of supply and demand.

Looking for a place to fill up? Get used to seeing high prices. Many gas stations are just a quarter shy of the $4 mark for a gallon of regular unleaded.

"It's ridiculous sometimes," said Allentown resident Javier Rivera.

"You have to do it but it doesn't make it any easier," added Adail Santiago, another Allentown resident. "The fact that the prices are going up."

At the AAA East Central / East Penn office, officials have been tracking gas prices as well.

They say prices continue to go up for two reasons.

One the price of crude oil. The second is U.S. production.

"It's due to the United States refineries switching over to the summer blend of fuel which is more expensive for them to produce," said Theresa Podguski, director of public affairs for AAA.

Analysts say the summer blend is more friendly to the environment.

The supply in the U.S. also took a hit because a lot of refineries closed down due to damage from Hurricane Sandy.

But some drivers say their wallets are getting closer to empty every time they fill up.

"I'm not filling up honestly and I'm paying probably about $60-$80 a week just going to work," said Santiago.

AAA does have some tips on how to conserve gas between fill ups.

They suggest making sure your car is properly maintained and combine errands so you are making one big trip instead of a bunch of small trips.

Also use an app on your smart phone to search for the lowest price in your area.

"It is very hard to predict where gasoline prices are going to go but what we are expecting is that our highs for 2013 will not be as high as what we saw in 2011 or 2012." said Podguski.

"Hopefully we have something that helps us out sometime soon because this is ridiculous," added Rivera

You heard about using your phone to find the lowest gas price.

We have a gas section on the 69 News mobile app to help you find the lowest gas price in your area.