The Forks Township Board of Supervisors approached a possible tax increase in the near future at their meeting on Thursday night.

Township Manager John Cornell informed the audience that a taxation discussion has been going on for the past several meetings and was discussed in thorough detail at the Board’s last work session. The Board opened discussion about a possible multiple year financial plan for expenditures and revenues for future use.

According to Chairman Erik Chuss, the proposed 2013 budget does not require a tax increase for Forks Township residents, but there will be an increase in the near future.

“We keep delaying putting capital in our budget because we want to balance the budget,” said Supervisor John O’Neil on why there hasn’t been a tax increase lately.

Although most the Board passed a decision to not have a tax increase for 2013, not every Supervisor was in favor of the decision.

“I feel that it’s not necessarily the wise thing to do to not have a tax increase… our costs are rising as a township,” said Treasurer Robert Egolf. “If we had some kind of catastrophe in the township and we would need ready money, where is the money coming from?” he continued.

“Before I would support a tax increase, I would like all of the details around it,” said Supervisor Dan Martyak in response to Egolf. “I believe that we need to put together a solid plan… and engage the citizens for some feedback,” he continued.

“We know there is a tax increase coming, how much it is however, we’re not sure,” said Chuss.

Regardless of the discussion, O’Neil wanted to reasure the Township residents that he would “not cut anything that jeopardizes the safety of the township or its residents” while trying to trim the budget down to bare necessities.