Got an old TV or computer collecting dust in the attic?  A new state law says you can't send them to the landfill anymore.    

Don't touch that dial!  From faxes to walkmans and keyboards, oh my!

"TVs, computer monitors, fax machines, cell phones," said Ann Saurman, of the Allentown Bureau of Recycling and Solid Waste.

But this is not "Back to the Future."  This is a recycling event.

"There's a ban from them in the landfills, so we're providing this service for the citizens of Allentown," Saurman said.

Hundreds lined up in the freezing cold at Allentown's yard waste site on Fish Hatchery Road Saturday to get rid of those old gadgets collecting dust.

"It's an old tube set and nobody even wants to take it, even though it works fine and has hardly any outwards on it," said Joe Saluta of Allentown.

"A lot of the components, people don't realize, are actually hazardous.  There's heavy metals inside computers, lead contained in the glass of monitors," said Saurman.

But this isn't death for all these old electronics.  In fact, they will see new life in new products.

"They'll break apart the copper and the metals from the keyboards," Saurman said.

Allentown will do another  recycling event in March.