A controversial landfill in Northampton County is now being sued by the federal government.

The feds say they've spent nearly half-a-million dollars cleaning up toxic waste at the Chrin landfill between 1997 and January of this year.

They say Chrin Brothers Incorporated and several companies that sent hazardous waste to the dump site are responsible for those costs.

A Chrin spokesperson issued the following statement:

"These actions, and in particular the proposed settlement agreement, is a very positive step for all involved and the level of communication and cooperation among the parties has been commendable. This latest action follows the 1997 settlement and addresses the issue of cost-recovery by the government for overseeing the cleanup. EPA now will publish notice of the consent decree in the Federal Register and invite comments. The consent decree will also pave the way for establishing ongoing controls that will allow EPA to make the determination that the remedial action goals have been met such that the site can be removed from the Federal Superfund list."

The landfill is located on Industrial Drive in Williams Township.