Here's one way to celebrate the season: a holiday concert on your front lawn.

Grammy nominee Judy Pancoast sang her signature holiday tune "House on Christmas Street" during a Sunday night concert hosted by the Reph family of Nazareth.

Thousands of decorating enthusiasts have used her signature song to synchronize their lights. Pancoast saw the first display using her song on the Internet in 2006, and recently started a Christmas house tour.

She's been to 28 states and the Lehigh Valley is her last stop this year.

Pancoast said, "They dance on the lawn, on the sidewalks, in some places in the driveways; it fills you up with joy and to be a part of something like that that's more than most people get in their whole life. And I really consider it a blessing."

Pancoast wrote the song back in 1998. She will customize her tune for your holiday display and even change the lyrics of her song to fit with your decorations.