Some concerned citizens in Northampton, Northampton Co., said the community's feral cat problem is spiraling out of control.

They're trying to get the borough to open a no-kill shelter, and this isn't the first time they've pushed the plans.

The original shelter closed in 2007. So far, Dawn Perl has been in front of Northampton Borough Council members two times, urging them to reopen it. Now, she's hoping the third time's the charm.

“I can’t stand animals hurt or anything happening to them for no reason,” said Perl

That is why Perl is trying to open a no-kill animal shelter in Northampton.

“There is a lot of cats, and a lot of them are feral and then some are strays,” added Perl.

The borough used to have an animal shelter, but the non-profit group running the facility closed up shop in 2007. Now, Perl wants to open the doors again.

“One, it was already a shelter. They still use it as a holding pen for the dogs and stuff. So, it just makes it easier that if they would allow us the building, then that is one expense that we wouldn’t have to worry about,” Perl said.

Perl has been gathering signatures from residents and getting support for the shelter via Facebook. Last week, she presented the to signatures to borough council.

“At this point, they are willing to talk about it," said Perl. "Got to come up with a business plan and stuff, which we are working on now.”

Part of the business plan includes funding the facility. Perl said she will use her own money and seek donations.

She said she expects to present her plan to council by the end of January.