“I think at the Finance Meeting there will be a presentation about the SIG positions and, from what I’m gathering by then, any discrepancies will be worked out,” she said.

“There are no discrepancies in our records,” Mayo responded. The issue, Mayo noted, goes back to the original submission of the $36 million grant “which we did not get.”

“I’m a little uncomfortable with the vagueness with whatever the charge or accusations are,” he said, adding that tarnishing his character and credibility is not accurate. He then spoke directly to Tretter, about a meeting that evidently had taken place between himself and her last Friday.

“The idea that you were walking away from a meeting ‘empty handed’ implies that you got nothing when in fact you got a lot of verbal responses and a promise for more detail,” he told Tretter. “Am I accurate about that?

Tretter replied that “I thought that I would be receiving information from you by Monday,” Tretter replied.

“I said next week,” Mayo replied swiftly.

At this point Armstrong knifed back into the verbal fray, admonishing Tretter.

“I think we have to be careful about the rhetoric we use and I think accusations have been made here tonight.”

“Accusations have not been made Mr. Armstrong,” Tretter replied as her time had run out.

The Finance and Building-of-the-Whole Committees are scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. on April 18th.