Infant who was taken from LVH will be moved to CHOP

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Oct 26, 2012   Updated: 12:00 AM EDT Oct 27, 2012

A judge has sided with the Lehigh County parents who attempted to take their baby from Lehigh Valley Hospital this week against the advice of the hospital.

A family court judge has ruled that three-month-old Aralynn Rivera can be transferred to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

She'll be transferred to its NICU as soon as a bed becomes available.

Aralynn was born premature.

She also has Down Syndrome and heart defects.

Aralynn's parents, Danny Rivera and April Saul, ran into conflict when they attempted to take the girl against doctor's advice.

They say they wanted a second opinion from CHOP.

But LVH disagreed and called the police.

The custody issue will be addressed at a hearing next Thursday.