Tuesday President Obama talked specifics about future gun legislation he wants to see enacted.

That includes renewing the expired ban on assault weapons and tightening regulations that govern sales at gun shows.

"These tragedies must end and to end them we must change," the President recently said in Newtown, Connecticut.

But what and how? It's a question President Obama is not alone in asking.

"Something needs to be done, I don't know what but something," 18 year old Sally McCarthy said.

"I think there should be stiffer regulations yes," septuagenarian Mary-Ann Smith added.

A regulation that the dozen or so people we spoke with, both pro- and anti-gun alike, agreed on? That assault weapons have no place in public.

"Certainly a ban on assault weapons and I think limiting the amount of ammunition in a clip is a good place to start," Glen Erich said.

"We don't need them, don't need them for hunting, only people who need them are the military," gun owner Kevin Tyner said.

Other ideas include better enforcement of existing laws and better scrutiny of those wanting to buy guns.

"More attention should be made toward issues because something obviously snapped in this poor individual the perpetrator," another woman told us.

However the talk of tighter regulations,

"We're at the breaking point now. Have to go to the extreme now. Look what's happening," Ivy Ciancitto said,

Typically precludes the fear of rights being stripped.

"I don't want to see our government go crazy with banning guns and taking my rights to own a gun away, "Tyner told us.

Since taking office in 2008 this is the fourth time Mr. Obama has had to hug survivors, console victims, and comfort a community hurt by a mass shooting.

"We've heard since Columbine Bill Clinton said we need to take action, George Bush said it and nothing happened. Now President Obama said we need to take action and nothing happened," Mike Faccinetto said.

A lot of people including the President think that inaction could finally turn to action and lead to changes in gun laws.