Under the new plan, a mile-long extension of Sauerkraut Lane that runs west of Spring Creek Road to serve those large properties will be privately owned and maintained rather than becoming a public road, said Jaindl.

He said an open space area that would have been at the end of Sauerkraut Lane will be relocated to east of Spring Creek Road, south of the township’s Quarry Park. The new area will cover 70 acres, about 7.5 acres larger than its previous spot, and will be closer to residents, including those living in Alburtis.

Jaindl said the new proposal includes 10-to-14-foot high berms along Spring Creek Road and open space buffers surrounding Little Lehigh Creek, which flows through the northern end of the property along Mertztown Road.  N

Norfolk Southern railroad tracks at the south end of the property will also be buffered with plantings. Jaindl is encouraging Norfolk Southern to run rail sidings into his industrial/warehouse properties. “That will minimize truck traffic,” he said. “Forty to 55-percent of truck traffic will be absorbed through rail.” He said potential buyers will pay less if they buy a property that includes rail.

If Jaindl’s new subdivision plan replaces the approved plan, it will have to go through the entire township approval process, including rezoning, said Lower Macungie officials after the meeting. But they said approval would be simplified by the fact that many aspects of the new proposal are identical to the plan already approved.

“There still is ample opportunity for public input in this process to influence the outcome,” said Conrad.

He added: “I would hope the appellants would consider withdrawing the appeal and working with us together to move a better plan forward.”

Jaindl did not take questions from the public at the meeting, but immediately after his presentation, he and Zator moved into an adjoining room to answer residents’ questions.