Faith-based groups from the Lehigh Valley, other counties in the state and around the nation met on Wednesday with senators and congressmen to encourage their legislators' approval of comprehensive immigration reform.

One of the congressmen from our region who welcomed the Lehigh Valley faith-based delegation was Republican Charlie Dent.

Dent, who made clear he has yet to review the Senate's version of an immigration reform bill recently submitted by that legislative body, said he supports a "reasonable solution" to the issue of immigration.

But Dent also made very clear that any legislation to reform the nation's immigration system must include a "strong border security component".

The Valley delegation assured Dent that it also supports increased security at all U.S. borders.

The visits to Capitol Hill were part of a massive national campaign launched recently by several non-denominational faith-based groups in the country to push for immigration reform.  These groups urged the public to continue meeting with legislators to push for reform.