A woman waved a kitchen knife at her boyfriend and threatened to replicate a stabbing and throat-slitting murder in Arizona, officials said.

Latoya S. Mitchell picked up the knife, waved it at her boyfriend and threatened to "do him like the lady did her boyfriend on the news" during an argument over household chores in their apartment in the 1800 block of 6th St., Bethlehem Twp., Northampton Co., at about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, officials said.

The lady Mitchell was referring to in her threat was Jodi Arias, who is now standing trial in the brutal stabbing death of her ex-boyfriend in the shower in Mesa, Ariz., in 2008, officials said.

Mitchell's boyfriend told police Mitchell dropped the knife and left the apartment after making the threat, officials said.

Mitchell returned while police were speaking with her boyfriend and admitted she grabbed the knife and waved it at her boyfriend, officials said.

Mitchell, 28, was arraigned on charges of making terroristic threats and assault and committed to the Northampton County Prison on $15,000 bail, according to court documents.

A preliminary hearing is set for 11 a.m. March 15.