In addition to Sonrise Christian Fellowship, the program was organized by people from Central Assembly of God Church in Bethlehem and New Bethany Evangelical Congregational Church in Allentown

“You won’t see anything in here at all that advertises a church,” said Sergi. “It’s not about trying to hook them and pull them into our church. We’re trying to do something here that’s bigger than any one church. We just want them to think about is there a God and what does He have to say about the things that affect our lives.”

“It’s an interesting concept,” said a woman named Anne at the end of the program. “A lot of people shy away from church.”

“This is more of a self discovery, you go on your own journey to get the answers you are looking for,” said Mike Graf of Bethlehem. “If you’re fed the answers all the time, do you actually learn anything?”

Cole McClenithan, pastor of Central Assembly of God, said the program primarily is aimed at those “who are searching” and “those who do not know the Lord.”
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