One group is putting a new spin on an annual fundraising event.

The Lehigh County Conference of Churches thought instead of having just a regular fashion show, why not have one with the models on skates.

All the people in attendance know that the money is going to a good cause.

"All of us work at the Conference of Churches because of the good feeling that it gives us to work there," said Ira Faro, one of the event organizers. "It's not the place that gives us the highest salary, it's not the place that's easiest to work at, but it's the place that people come to for help and they always say thank you."

The name of the event is "Together we can 2012." It's the annual fundraising event for the Lehigh County Conference of Churches.

All proceeds go to the Conference soup kitchens and other programs, programs that fed close to 300 people the day after Hurricane Sandy hit our area.

"If it can happen to you at anytime, it's important for you to give back to the community that helps folks like that," added Faro

"We have our customers who have benefited from our services here tonight gathered with people who care to support," said Tom Walker, Human Resources Coordinator for the Lehigh County Conference of Churches.

Usually the event is a sit down dinner with a speaker.

"We decided this year to try something a little different and have a little fun," said Faro.

That fun was a fashion show where the models are on roller skates.

"Anyone who knows about roller derby knows they have a certain sense of style and when they asked to do a fashion show we thought it was a good fit because it was a style thing," said Lehigh Valley roller girl model, Vanilla Cream. "Doing it on skates was really neat because we didn't know what to expect. It was our first time."

The models are all members of the Lehigh Valley Roller Girls.

The clothes and artwork were bid on in a silent and live auction.

The proceeds will help feed close to 25,000 people next year.