Some of Pennsylvania's mayors are coming together to call on lawmakers to reach a deal to head off the fiscal cliff.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter hosted a conference call Monday afternoon with the mayors of York, Reading and Allentown.

The mayors discussed the impact going over the fiscal cliff will have on Pennsylvania cities if a compromise isn't reached by January 1st, including the possibility of funding cuts and tax hikes.

Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski says unless something is done on the federal level, local governments will be dealt a major blow.

"There has to be a reasonable approach to both cuts and new revenue enhancements," said Pawlowski. "That's what the president has proposed, that's what we're asking Congress to consider and we're saying as mayors. We just can't continue to bear the burden of cuts being pushed onto us."

Pawlowski says if a deal isn't reached concerning the fiscal cliff, the city will likely have to make significant program cuts.