These luges were slippery and slid away from their rightful owners.

The U.S.A. Luge Team is looking for the return of some sleds the team lost in Northampton County.

The team was training at a local ski slope and staying at a local hotel.

According to police, after a day of training on Friday, the sleds were put in the back of a box truck.

Apparently, the truck's rear door wasn't secure and the rear door opened while on Airport Road, near Old Carriage Road, in East Allen Township. The sleds fell off the truck onto the road, police said.

An area resident was asked about the sleds. This person told police the sleds were lying along the side of the road, and someone in a black truck asked who owned the sleds; the neighbor said they didn't know.

The pickup truck driver collected the sleds, put them in the truck and drove away, police said.

Anyone with information about the missing sleds is asked to call state police at Bethlehem at 610-861-2026.