Lost luges have been recovered, authorities say

Slick sleds will be returned to team

Posted: 11:21 AM EST Feb 22, 2013   Updated: 11:21 AM EST Feb 22, 2013
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What was lost is now found again: Lost luges will be heading back to the team, officials say.

Police were looking for a bunch of sleds belonging to the U.S.A. Luge Team that apparently fell out the back of a box truck in Northampton County on Feb. 15.

The sleds were left alongside Airport Road in East Allen Twp., near Old Carriage Drive.

State police said a resident living near Route 248 on Dannersville Road found the sleds, and took them, thinking they belonged to his neighbor. But not being able to identify the owner, the person stored them in a garage.

After seeing media reports about the missing luges, the person contacted state police.

The luge team has been notified of the return of the luges and are making arrangements to pick them up.