“We’re top heavy in residential. We don’t have enough industry, we don’t have enough commercial.”

Commissioner Ryan Conrad thanked residents for the turn out, noting only about five people attend “every other meeting we have during the year.”

He reminded the audience that commissioners all are township residents who are concerned about quality of life and also have a personal stake in the outcome.

Conrad said he’s sorry “we can’t keep this farmland” and that there is a perception of mistrust. “We’ve been very transparent despite the accusations.”

He stressed approving the subdivision will be followed by township review of any plans to actually develop the properties. And he noted the part of the subdivision that will be preserved will become the largest park in Lower Macungie.

Eichenberg said commissioners cannot take a single-sided view. He said they have to weigh the views of residents, the developer and “legalities-- what is permissible with current zoning laws.”

He also said the five commissioners have been vilified by many, which he said is unfair.