Rust also commended the township for looking at the bigger picture. “Rail is a very important thing, but we will continue to be driven by cars and trucks for a long while. That’s a reality we’ve got to deal with.”

Erdman said additional rail service could be part of the long-term solution to help relieve traffic pressure. Eichenberg wishes the township could get more rail service, but the “economics at this point in time, for whatever reason, are not working.” Erdman said if gasoline prices jump to $8 a gallon in the future, rail will become cost competitive.

The engineer said “not an awful lot of undeveloped land” is left in the area. He said much of land that still is undeveloped is in various stages of planning to be developed in the future. “It’s not that there are thousands of acres out there that are going to be developed with additional warehouses. But growth is going to continue, there’s no question about it. That’s unrelenting, no matter what we do.”