Gaspich said many more drunk drivers are being arrested by his officers than in previous years and many more hours of overtime have been authorized to step up DUI enforcement. He indicated his officers also are issuing more traffic citations and warnings.

“I’m very proud of the enforcement efforts of this station,” said Gaspich.

He encouraged commissioners to e-mail him directly about issues involving speeding or people not stopping at stop signs or traffic lights. “We will assign a trooper at least once per shift to monitor that complaint.”

The commander, who has more than 20 years of law enforcement experience, became head of the Fogelsville station in July.

He said Pennsylvania state police are down more than 500 members across Pennsylvania, but that cutback has not had much impact on the Fogelsville station, explaining he just got four more officers. “My complement at Fogelsville stands at over 60 people. Our station is one of the largest stations in the entire Commonwealth.”

He handed out pamphlets explaining what state police do for local communities and encouraged township officials to give those pamphlets to all new residents.Gaspich didn’t mention it, but the commissioners recently have authorized a study to help them determine if they want Lower Macungie to remain under state police protection or move toward other options, such as starting a township police department or joining forces with another local police department.