A man who beat his young daughter with a plastic sword on the buttocks and slapped her face lied in January when he told police that she was injured by her mother's boyfriend, officials said.

Douglas A. Brown took his 8-year-old daughter to police headquarters in Pen Argyl, Northampton Co., on Jan. 15 crying and with her head wrapped in a towel and told police she had been assaulted by her mother's boyfriend in Effort, Monroe Co., after the girl refused to get into the boyfriend's pick-up truck for the ride home, officials said.

Brown said his daughter's face hit the steering wheel and passenger's side window when the angry boyfriend threw her into the truck, officials said, adding that Brown's young son, who was also in the truck, backed up his dad's story, officials said.

Three months later, on April 9, the investigating officer interviewed the girl and the girl's mother, after receiving a report from Monroe County's Children and Youth Services saying that the mother's boyfriend was claiming Brown, not he, assaulted the child, officials said.

The girl's mother told police that she telephoned Brown, who has custody of their children, to persuade their daughter to get into the truck so she could be driven home, adding that the girl was upset about leaving because she was "having fun," officials said.

The girl told police that after she walked into her dad's living room, he became enraged when she ignored his questions about not wanting to return home and began hitting her in the buttocks and back with a plastic sword and slapping her face, as her brother watched, officials said.

The girl said Brown then "made up this story" and told her and her brother to blame their mother's boyfriend for the assault, officials said.

Later on April 9, Brown denied striking his daughter, admitting only that he beat a couch with the plastic sword after becoming upset when he saw his daughter's injured face, officials said.

On April 10, the mother's boyfriend, who had been arrested a week after Brown's report by police in Monroe County, told investigators in Pen Argyl that he was cooperating with the district attorney's office and state police and had given Children and Youth Services permission to photograph his hands, so they could be compared to the hand print on the girl's face, officials said.

Brown, who lives in the 400 block of Babbitt Avenue, was arraigned late Thursday night on charges of assault, recklessly endangerment, intimidation of a witness, giving false reports to police and harassment and committed to the Northampton County Prison on $30,000 bail, according to court documents.

A preliminary hearing is set for 1 p.m. April 29.