As the entire country takes a step back to remember September 11th, one local business owner took the feelings of patriotism to a an entirely different level.

Hal Mante, owner of American Fence on Eberhart Road in Whitehall Township, decided to hang an American flag that weighs more than 100 pounds and measures 30 feet high and 50 feet wide.

Mante said he's always been a patriot but decided it was time to share that feeling with the rest of the community.

“I've always been a real fan of America and love the country I live in and I wanted to display with this large flag, a way to say 'we love America and we believe in her' and she flies high and it's a grand 'ole flag,” said Mante.

It took Mante and his men almost a day and a half to build the frame work.

I've been working on it for about a month to get it ready to go up and get the idea going. We think it's easily the largest flag in the Lehigh Valley,” Mante said.

The flag was raised Monday night, Mante said he plans to keep it up until after Veteran's Day.