A retired woman is hoping to put her personal touch on the Christmas City.

Margo Dixon has a unique collection of nearly 1,500 different depictions of the nativity, everything from ornaments to plates, pushpins and rubber ducks.

The Bethlehem Twp., Northampton Co., woman, who began her collection nearly 50 years ago, said she made the pilgrimage from Atlanta, Ga., to Bethlehem, Pa., two years ago to open a nativity museum.

It may surprise you to know Dixon isn't Christian. She said she just likes the nativity story.

"Fact that every culture takes a story and reworks if for their own culture. Every artist does it their own way," said Dixon, who is hoping for a 2015 opening date.

That's if she can get a bank loan and find a location. If not, she said she will sell her items on eBay.