You have the chance to see some guitars that rock in the Lehigh Valley. 

The Martin Guitar Museum in Nazareth, Northampton Co., is showing off tons of guitars as part of the Rock Through the Valley exhibits.

"We have the distinction here of having a tremendous collection of more than 1,000 guitars, many of which are artist signature models or special guitars played by specific artists," said Dick Boak, director of the museum and archives.

The museum is set up year-round, but the special rock and roll exhibit is up until only May 13.

Some of the things you'll see include the D28, a commonly used Martin acoustic. For example, replicas of John Lennon and Paul McCartney's twin D28s are on display. 

The two wrote 42 Beatles songs on those guitars while they were in India, Boak said. Some of the songs went on to be their biggest hits. 

Other guitars on display include a model of Elvis's signature -- the leather wrapped guitar, which added a percussion sound to it. 

You can also see a model of Johnny Cash's iconic black guitar. Cash wanted a black guitar, but "we didn't make black guitars," Boak explained.

"The employees went behind Mr. Martin's back and had the guitar made anyway, secretly," Boak said.

Martin first saw the guitar when Cash played it on TV.  Apparently, he wasn't too mad.

Another guitar you can see is the one on which Steven Stills wrote "Suite Judy Blue Eyes."

"After writing the song and recording it, Judy Collins, his girlfriend that the song is about, he made a gift to her of this guitar," Boak said.

Decades later, she brought the guitar to Martin to have them repair and refurbish it, then lent it to them for the rock and roll exhibit.

The Martin Guitar Museum is located in Nazareth.  You can see the exhibit Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Admission is free.