Drivers beware!

Mechanics say all of the small winter storms we saw this season may have caused more damage to your car than you think.

The salt brine mixture that was used on the roads is causing brake lines to rust and eventually break.

And some people could be at risk of their car not stopping.

The dirt on Clifford Quinn's finger is actually salt brine mixture.

"When you're driving on it, it's like a dust and that dust seems to collect under the car and it mixes in with the dirt," said Quinn, owner of ABE Car Care Center in Allentown. "And then it holds moisture and it rusts everything up."

Quinn says he's been seeing a lot more cars than usual come in this year with the mixture on the under carriage.

It's a mixture that has been causing a lot more mechanical failures.

"Tires don't last as long, belt noises left and right, brakes aren't lasting as long," added Quinn. "A lot of rust on the brakes. Brake rotors are starting to rust away."

Another issue, the steel brake lines on a lot of vehicles.

When the brake lines get holes in them it could cost between $200 to $600 to repair.

Quinn also says his mechanics are no longer using steel break lines.

"Don't keep them on the shelf anymore," said Quinn. "They are going that fast. I'm using a nickel copper alloy to replace them that last a lot longer."

The only protection for your car according to mechanics is to take your vehicle to a car wash that cleans the undercarriage.

"Let it blast the bottom. Help get that stuff out from under the car so it doesn't sit there, collect moisture and start the corrosion process."

So a few dollars now could save you some money at the mechanic.