As conditions worsen from Hurricane Sandy, more counties and municipalities are declaring states of emergency.


On Monday afternoon, the Warren County Board of Chosen Freeholders in conjunction with the Warren County Office of Emergency Management, declared a State of Emergency for Warren County in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy. Municipalities should now follow suit.

Shelters are designated but as of this hour have not been opened, and will open as the need arises.

If you are a Warren County resident in need of shelter, contact your local emergency management coordinator through your municipal offices. Contact information for all municipalities in Warren County is available on the County website.

Designated Warren County shelter locations include the Good Will Fire Company, 689 Water Street, Belvidere, where the Red Cross has pre-positioned assets. Other shelter locations include Phillipsburg High School, 200 Hillcrest Boulevard, Phillipsburg, and North Warren Regional High School, 10 Noe Road, Blairstown, while many municipalities also have local shelters designated.


Monroe County officials activated the Monroe County Emergency Operations Center Monday afternoon to coordinate emergency response needs throughout the county.

The Monroe County Emergency Operations Center will maintain 24-hour operations until further notice.

The Emergency Operations Center, the American Red Cross, the Monroe County School Districts and other county agencies are prepared to open shelters when needed throughout the county. No shelters have been opened at this time.

The Emergency Operations Center wants to remind community members of the following:

Report downed power lines covering roadways to 911.

· Report downed power lines not impacting a roadway to the utility company.

· Report downed trees covering roadways to 911.

· Report any life-threatening situation to 911.

· Report significant storm damage that is not life-threatening to the municipality.

Officials ask community members to please stay inside during extreme weather conditions. Also, community members are reminded to never run a generator inside of a house, closed garage, or basement. Generators must be run outside to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and buildup inside closes structures.


Lehigh County Government Center and Courts Offices will be closed Tuesday, Oct. 30, due to the storm. Certain Emergency Functions will remain in operation, but all county and courts offices will be closed.


Montgomery County Courthouse and governmental offices will be closed on Tuesday, Oct. 30, due to inclement weather.


Quakertown on Monday afternoon declared a state of emergency. No major problems are reported there at this time.