A 15-year-old boy comes within minutes of death after exposure to AXE body spray; now his mother wants the formula to help doctors treat her son.

Because of his condition, Brandon Silk can no longer attend Bethlehem's Freedom High School, even after the district asked people to limit their use of the spray.

In the span of nine days, Brandon Silk's throat closed up three times and he was rushed to the hospital.

Doctors have told the family Axe deodorant body spray is causing the allergic reaction, but the company is saying nothing.

March 4th was a scary day for Brandon Silk as he walked the halls of Freedom High School.

"I started feeling like my throat close up and then hives breaking out on my arm," said Silk, a freshman at Freedom.

Brandon says it started after breathing in AXE deodorant body spray that someone was wearing.

Doctors have been treating his allergy to the spray since 2011.

This day, according to the school nurse, he almost died.

"She checked it and she said my throat was so swollen you couldn't even fit a straw down my throat," added Silk.

"It's definitely something in the AXE spray that's causing or triggering whatever is going on in his body," said Rosa Silk, Brandon's mother.

The nurse used an epi pen on Brandon, then he was transported to the hospital.

It was his third trip in nine days.

"This product is killing my son," added Rosa Silk.

She has even written letters to Unilever, the parent company, asking for the formula to help doctors find out what is causing the allergy.

Their response offered little help.

"There's nothing that we can do," said Rosa Silk. "You're kind of on your own."

Currently Brandon is on several types of steroids, and his mother is looking for answers.

"One of the worst things I've ever been through in my life," added Rosa Silk.

She says she is determined to help her son, even if at times it is frustrating.

"It just breaks my heart to have a company out there who does not care," she said.

To avoid exposure, Brandon Silk is now taking classes at home.

His mom is still determined to find a cure so her son can attend school next year.