First lady Michelle Obama is sporting a new haircut, and it's prompting ladies in our area to jump on the bangs bandwagon.

Every six weeks Robina Gregor comes to J. Morgan Salon in Easton.

"I think it's going to be a really nice rounded look for me."

Thursday she knew exactly what she wanted.

"I am here to get Michelle Obama bangs," Rubina smiled.

A few days before Monday's inauguration the first lady debuted a new do complete with fringe. Now women in the Lehigh Valley are replicating the look.

"It allows you to update your entire style without having to change and make a major commitment to your overall haircut," explained Stylist Nancy Dixon.

It's the quick change Robina was looking for.

"I've always had some sort of a bang," added Rubina. "But not her bang, so I'm really looking forward to getting that one."

Bangs have made a comeback in recent years, but this trend is a new take on the look.

"It's higher above the brow and longer at the corner of the eyes," shared Dixon. "So it really showcases a clients eyes."

If you think this face framing fringe might be for you, stylists actually say bangs aren't for everyone.

"If someone has a shorter face where their nose and their mouth are a little bit shorter, putting a straight across bang or a face framing bang really doesn't work for them," explained Dixon.

Fashion experts have long credited the first lady as a strong influence on what women wear, and they may soon be talking about her influence on a lady's hairline.

"I've had four people request the Michelle Obama bang just this week."