Wilson Area School District is feeling the need to compete with cyber charter schools, a way for students to complete their education without even stepping foot inside a school.

During Monday night's school board meeting, a letter from Pastor Phillip Davis of the Greater Shiloh Church informed the board that he will be serving on the founding correlation for the charter school proposed for West Easton.

The cyber charter school will submit an application to the Wilson Area School District in November with their proposal.

When a regular education student leaves the district to go to a cyber charter school, it costs the district $9,252.26. For a student who has special education needs, their attendance at a cyber charter school costs the district $19,170.85.

In part of their district goals and action plans presented during the school board meeting, Superintendent Doug Wagner, explained that Wilson will be piloting a secondary level cyber school options for their students who are currently enrolled in cyber charter schools.

To be determined a success, the district appropriated that five students succeed in all the academic requirements for the 2013 - 14 school year.

Wagner informed the board that they have 60 children currently enrolled in cyber charter schools instead of the traditional school based learning style, the total cost coming to $682,078.

The school board will receive the application in November and listen to their proposal. The cyber charter school is looking to open fall of 2013.