Wagner said the city requires Martin Tower itself must remain standing on the property for mixed-use development to occur there. He did not mention who would occupy that building or describe how it would be modified.

Kuchera said the authority had been told it would be cost prohibitive to knock down the building “because of the asbestos situation” and asked Wagner: “Is that still the case?”

He replied the only thing that would make them considering knocking it down will be if it remains vacant for “three, four, five, six more years. It may hit a point there is nothing else you can do because of structural degradation. Right now the building is functional. It is able to be re-used. The asbestos is still there. There is still significant demolition that has to occur within the structure itself.”

He said the site contains obsolete mechanical equipment, including a building with 24-inch asbestos pipes used cool the tower. “All new infrastructure has to go in.”