New details have been released about a deadly accident on Interstate 78 in Lehigh County that killed a woman and brought traffic to a standstill for hours.

State Police said Linda Rooney, 51, from Goshen, New York was pronounced dead Wednesday morning. She and her family were driving west on I-78 when the crash happened.

Around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday emergency crews rushed to the scene at the Lehigh Street exit in Salisbury Twp. It wasn't long before they were working on mangled vehicles. The wreck involved three cars, a tractor trailer and nearly a dozen people.

"In the car with the fatality it was a family: two adults and two children," said Allentown Fire Captain John Christopher.

State Police say mom Linda Rooney didn't survive. She was riding in the back of a Mazda 6.

According to state police, a Toyota Camry was pulling back into traffic after fixing a flat tire when the Mazda hit it. After the two cars slammed into each other, they both spun and the car Rooney was riding in hit a third car and then a tractor trailer.

"Eight other individuals were taken to the hospital [with injuries] ranging from a broken femur, and some were just taken for evaluation," said Christopher.

For nearly seven hours, the westbound lanes of I-78 were shut down. Cars and trucks were backed up for miles. And it wasn't just the highway; roads all over the Lehigh Valley were jammed.

"Let the traffic go a little bit each way, push the button and that signals for the other side to go," said Fire Police Officer Joe Holler.

The Allentown Fire Police spent the day trying to free up the congestion. But it was hard for folks to get around the congestion.

"We just went down Lehigh and now we are trying to go back to Palmerton," said Cathy Snyder. "I guess we will be sitting for a while."

If you witnessed this accident please call the State Police Fogelsville Barracks at 610-395-1438.