New sites encourage communication from beyond the grave

Posted: 10:57 PM EST Feb 22, 2013

Imagine getting a tweet or Face book message from someone who isn't even alive.  Sounds creepy, but it can actually happen.  New social media tools let you communicate beyond the grave. 

Death has a surprisingly common presence online.  Web sites and social media sites are full of condolences, memories and outpourings of grief for loved ones.  Technology companies are now making it possible for you to send a pre-written email, face book post or tweet after death.

"It's not for everyone, but some people might really embrace this," said Director of Cantelmi Funeral Home Dino Cantelmi.  "They might think that this is for them."

Sites like DeadSocial and IfIDie modernize the idea of leaving a letter for a loved one after you pass.  It's a tech savvy way to say your final good-byes.  The free services will publish text or video as face book posts, messages or tweets.  The digital communications will be sent to certain people or posted publicly after someone dies.

"I could see where that might be able to give some people the strength to carry on," shared Cantelmi.

The sites require members to pick trusted executors to confirm their demise.  Then the posthumous notes are sent.  Some can even be scheduled for years down the road.

"If that's going to help a family move on in their lives, I think it's a beautiful thing."