Add Pennsylvania's top fiscal watchdog to those questioning the exit deal for Gerald Zahorchak, the outgoing superintendent of the Allentown School District.

Wagner announced Tuesday that he will immediately begin an audit of the buyout agreements of the superintendents of both the Allentown and Philadelphia school districts.

In a news release issued by the Auditor General's office, Wagner faulted several superintendent buyouts over the past six years because he said they appear to waste taxpayer money.

The Philadelphia School District announced Monday that the district was buying out the contract of Superintendent Arlene Ackerman for around $900,000.

The Associated Press reported that her tenure fell apart over the last few months because of a huge budget hole faced by the district, a dispute with the teachers union and dissatisfaction with her leadership style.

The Allentown School District announced last week they were buying out the contract of controversial Superintendent Dr. Gerald Zahorchak for $55,000.

Zahorchak resigned, leading to the buyout.

Zahorchak however, is staying on with the district as Director of Strategic Initiative, making his old salary of $195,000.