Parkland School Board approves athletic advertising

Posted: 12:47 AM EDT Oct 17, 2012

Parkland School District approved an advertising fee schedule for some athletic events at their meeting on Tuesday night.

The athletic events that were approved for these advertisements are football, basketball, and soccer games. The advertisements will be placed on A-frame shaped structures measuring 32x96” and will be digitally printed on Coroplast. Twenty-two banners can be placed in the athletic facilities and can bring in approximately $32,000 annually if all spaces are sold.

Parkland will charge the most per banner during football games due to the high attendance and that each home game is televised on RCN and Service Electric. Twelve banners can be placed in the football stadium during games and Parkland will charge $2,000 for each banner per season. According to the District, four banners will be placed behind each end zone, one at each 10-yard line on the Parkland side, and the final two will be placed along the edges of the field.

The District will charge $1,000 per banner for the basketball games. Parkland has estimated that during the 18 home boys’ and girls’ basketball games approximately 12,000 people will be in attendance. Both teams’ games are also televised on RCN and Service Electric similar to the football games. The six spaces available for advertisements during these games are all located in front of the visitor bleachers on the court.

The District will charge $500 per banner for the soccer games. The four banners will be split with two at each end of the field facing the bleachers.

Parkland School District will receive 100% of the revenue from the advertisements because the production cost for the banners and the two sand bags that will anchor each banner are the responsibility of the advertiser. The vendors will make the signs and deliver them to Parkland. The District has estimated the cost of each banner at $330.