A Lehigh County couple takes Christmas decorating to a whole new level.

It's taken crews with Pennsylvania Lawn and Landscape, Christmas Décor, hundreds of thousands of lights and weeks of work to put together and now, Pat and George Saunders' home in Salisbury Township, Lehigh County, is quite a sight at night.

"Jesus is the reason for the season, if we remember his birth we've got it made," said Pat Saunders when asked the reason behind all the lights.

The couple has been going all out with their lights since they moved into the home and say they were inspired by the previous homeowner.

"He had started it, not as much as this, but we just decided to continue that and we expanded it," said George Saunders.

Every year something else is added. This year the Saunders had a 105-foot evergreen tree in their front lawn decorated.

The feat took an entire week and a bucket truck to decorate. Drivers can spot the illuminated tree from I-78 near the Summit Lawn exit.

Ken Divers with Pennsylvania Lawn and Landscape, Christmas Décor says he and his men have been working since mid-November on the property.

"As far as the amount of lights is concerned, to be honest with you I never ever counted the amount of lights. I never have. My biggest concern is always the mathematics behind the power," said Divers.

To help keep their electric bill from becoming astronomical, the Saunders have been switching over to LED lights and say they've already noticed a drop in their bill.

The lights go on automatically every day at sunset and stay on 'til past midnight; however the lights will stay on all night on Christmas Eve.

“People come up and down this road like a train. It's awesome,” said Pat.

The Saunders plan on keeping the display up until late January.