The players weren't the VIP's at Eagles Training Camp Wednesday. It was Military Appreciation Day.

It's a salute to fans who suit up in military uniforms when they're not wearing the green and white!

Three-hundred people from all five branches of the military got a chance to eat, watch practice and talk to some of their favorite players.

The ingredients for a great day are easy: Hot dogs on the grill, the Philadelphia Eagles on the field and 300 people from the military enjoying some football.

"It feels amazing," said Kevin Buckwald with the U.S. Coast Guard.  "It's not like you don't feel appreciated, but this is over the top. It's so good, it's just a great day."

Military Appreciation Day at Eagles camp started two years ago.

The tickets are on a first come, first serve basis.

"We'd love to let every military service member in but we can't do that," said Kristin Lowe, program manager with the Liberty USO.

All of the people are from Pennsylvania or Southern New Jersey.  The 300 people get to bring a guest. Many brought a family member.

"They want a touch of home," said Lowe.  "A lot of these people that are here today actually just got home from Afghanistan and it's hard to watch football over there."

"Never been to an Eagles training or any pro football training camp and it was one of the things he wanted to do. And it's motivation and encouragement for him," said Gary Johnson who serves in the U.S. Army.

After all the food and football there was time for autographs.

It's something the Eagles as a team say they want to do to thank these men and women for their service.

"They are so patriotic and they are always interested on how they can help out the military and give back," said Lowe.

At the end of practice all the players and service member got in a huddle and yelled out a team cheer.