The Plainfield Township Board of Supervisors discussed roadwork throughout the Township with Engineer Kevin Harwick and the proposed budget for 2013.

Harwick informed the Board that the 2012 Road Paving has been completed throughout the Township. The Board originally budgeted $234,000 for the paving to be completed, but Harwick noted that only $213,000 was needed for the project. The Board approved the final payment to be made once all of the payroll sheets had been submitted to Harwick.

Harwick also mentioned the Gemini Machining Project that is to start in the coming weeks. The project will be a land development project located on Route 191 and will cost an estimated $36,000. The maintenance portion of the project will begin immediately, according to Harwick, and the projected finished date will be in May of 2014.

Board Treasurer Virginia Koehler informed the Board that the proposed Township budget for 2013 is $2,880,080 for the General Fund and $228,580 for the Liquid Fuels/Highway Aid Budget. The Board approved the proposed new budget and will be advertising it for 20-day public inspection immediately.