Police warn of scammer targeting elderly

Posted: 10:45 PM EST Feb 19, 2013   Updated: 8:54 AM EST Feb 20, 2013

Bethlehem police say an elderly woman, who also suffers from dementia, was robbed after letting a man who posed as a utility worker enter her home.

It happened Saturday in the 2100 block of Livingston Street in Bethlehem.

Police say a white male posing as a water company employee entered the home of an elderly woman and made her stay in the kitchen as he went through the rest of her home.

He ended up stealing a safe from her bedroom closet.

It's a scenario Melinda Stumpf with PPL says happens all too often. "There should always be a purpose for the visit and you should know that prior to us entering your home or coming to your home," she said.

Stumpf says there are three questions one should always ask to verify if the worker visiting your home is legit.

Neighbors on Livingston Street added it's not just a door-to-door scam they're worried about.

Joe Gerenscer said his wife got a strange phone call just a few weeks ago.

β€œHe had told my wife that he did talk to me and it was all right for him to come over and check for a gas leak,” said Gerenscer.

Turns out the man was lying and Gerenscer warned his wife to not let anyone inside. "In this neighborhood there's a lot of older people around here so I think he was trying to call and see who he could actually scam,” he said.

Experts advise if you see anything suspicious or have someone knock on your door unsolicited to call the police or the company they claim to be with.