An Allentown woman was attacked by a rabid fox near a heavily developed area, city officials said Friday.

The attack happened Tuesday near an apartment complex on Tacoma Street, between Catasaqua Road and Pennsylvania Avenue, near the Bethlehem and Hanover Twp. borders.

The victim is being treated and is expected to recover, officials said.

Allentown's animal control officer reminded pet owners to keep their animals up to date on rabies vaccinations.

People are also reminded not to lure strange animals to come near them, and to refrain from petting, touching or feeding stray or wild animals.

Since a fox can look like a dog to young children, parents are advised to supervise young children when outside and remind all children not to pet strays.

If you come in contact with a stray animal and have been scratched or bitten, seek medical attention immediately. Rabies can be fatal if not properly treated.