Recycling plant honored for being green

Posted: 9:33 AM EST Nov 15, 2011   Updated: 5:48 PM EST Nov 15, 2011

An electronics recycling plant in Allentown is being honored for helping to keep the planet green. 
Federal officials recognized AERC/ComCycle Tuesday morning as the nation's newest Responsible Recycler.

A certified recycler must show an independent third-party auditor that it meets specific standards to safely recycle electronics. Some of the standards include helping to reduce energy and natural resource consumption, greenhouse gases and hazardous waste.
Officials said the Allentown facility processes more than 600,000 pounds of electronics monthly, without using any landfill space.
AERC/ComCycle  has five electronics processing facilities across the country and is one of the nation's largest electronics recyclers.

The Allentown company employs more than 60 people, working two shifts five days a week.  Over the past two years the electronics recycling workforce has risen 15 percent, officials said.