For some, the season's first snow was an early treat; for others, it was a headache.

The hills of Schnecksville, Lehigh Co. turned white as the season's first snow felll Tuesday morning.

"Look at all the Christmas lights. They need snow to go along with the season," said Jim Kistler, of Schecksville.

Aside from last year's freak October storm, snow didn't accumulate like this until Jan. 24.

Hardware stores like the True Value, near Neffs, are ready, even if those like Julia Paul aren't.

"I saw what it looks like, and I've had enough," Paul said.

For Blue Mountain, the snow is the start of what it hopes is a very busy season.

"This snow you're seeing right now doesn't actually add to our base to get started, but it does get everyone thinking about winter and snow sports," said Heidi Lutz.

The lack of snow made for a lackluster season last year, but the Carbon County resort has been making its own since Sunday and hopes to open three trails this weekend.

"We have hopes that it's nice, cold and snowy," Lutz said.

The snow, however, isn't expected to last. Temperatures this weekend are expected to climb into the 50s.