Reichley wnis race for Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas Judge

Posted: 10:19 PM EST Nov 08, 2011   Updated: 12:37 AM EST Nov 09, 2011

Pennsylvania State Representative Douglas Reichley has defeated opponet Dan McCarthy 56%-44% in the race to be the next judge for the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas.

Both candidates ran saying they have the experience to do the job well.

Reichley, a Republican, is a state representative who serves on the State House Sentencing Committee.  He also spent more than a decade as a prosecutor.

One issue he promoted was making justice cost effective.

"I don't think the courts can feel we are somehow immune from the daily pressures that people are feeling right now from the downturn of the economy.  I think the courts have been doing [that] under President Judge McGinley and we'll continue to look for ways to find cost savings.  I think we can look for efficiencies such as starting court a little earlier, cutting down on Sheriff's office overtime, doing with less personnel," he said.

With Reichley's win, he will have to leave the state legislature.