Report: Bacon shortage expected in coming year

Posted: 8:00 PM EDT Sep 25, 2012   Updated: 10:16 AM EDT Sep 26, 2012

Bacon. Just the word can make your mouth water, but that may be all your mouth gets because a possible bacon shortage could soon make the American favorite hard to come by.

According to Britain's National Pig Association, shrinking herds will cause a bacon shortage.

Some business owners are already seeing the prices go up, almost double the cost per case.

"Once fuel goes up, the transportation of these items goes up as well, and of course the feed and the corn," said Mike Dontas, part owner, Parkland Family Restaurant.

Yes, there is less corn for the herds. Some would think that means less bacon on the plate for customers, but not at the Parkland Family Restaurant.

"Our price doesn't change with the market," Dontas said. "Bacon could be $2 a pound today, $10 a pound tomorrow. We don't go out and print new menus. We kind of take it on the chin and bear it."

People said they won't worry about there being a bacon shortage, and they said they won't be buying any extra bacon just to store in their fridge.

When they want bacon, they said they'll buy it because everything taste better with bacon on it."

"I think there will be enough to go around. We live in an area where there is enough. There is a lot of pork farmers, I believe. So, I think we'll be alright," said a diner.

The U. S. Department of Agriculture said it agrees with the British pig group that people will see less bacon.

It's projected that in 2013 only 23 billion pounds will be available, down one percent from 2012.

But even if the prices double or triple, people said they will just keep buying until the prices go down.