Late-night TV show host Jon Stewart put on his dancing shoes on Friday night -- thanks to our own Rob Vaughn.

That's because Rob became the 1-millionth follower of "The Daily Show" on Twitter earlier in the evening.

"We got 1 million followers on Twitter!" Stewart proclaimed as he pranced around in a youtube video.

"The Daily Show" also tweeted the following:

"Thanks to @RobVaughn News , our 1 MILLIONTH FOLLOWER! We'd give you a prize but... come on. Aren't you a little late to the party?"

After making social media history, Rob responded on his Twitter page  and his eyes are on a prize:

"My F-book and Twitter peeps think a prize is in order. & as a fellow journalist, well...just sayin."

There's no word if Stewart and "The Daily Show" are having a change of heart regarding the prize.