BATH, Pa. -

A Lehigh County man ran up a big tab at a gentleman's club and then denied the charges when he got his credit card bill, police said.

Robert L. Tostevin Jr., of Allentown, went to Tattletales North at 104 E. Main St. in Bath, Northampton Co. on July 16 and 17, 2012, according to Colonial Regional Police.

Tostevin, 54, spent $7,400 on private exotic dances and put the charges on his credit card, police said.

Later, he filed a report with his credit card company, saying he made only a $100 purchase during that time, and that the other purchases on the card were fraudulent, police said.

The credit card company credited his bill for the charges.

Management and employees at Tattletales North told police that Tostevin Jr. did in fact purchase $7,400 worth of dances on his credit card, and none of those charges was made by anyone else, nor were they fraudulent.

Tostevin Jr. was charged with theft of services.